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Fashion is undergoing another youth revolution and wrinklies over the age of 25 should look carefully before they leap into catsuits, hots pants or any other bottom-hugging styles.

But anyone young enough to wear it, either then or now, doesn't even listen.

Sixties fashion - the wet-look, micro-minis and psychedelic prints - was always for the young, and if the young at heart think they can wear it, they're only fooling themselves.

There is a subtle difference between THEN and NOW in this incarnation - the lines are cleaner and stronger than the original.

Finally, a pair of knee-high boots or flat Chanel shoes finishes off any outfit.

As for hair accessorises, the beehive is fading but the ubiquitous headband has got a tenacious hold on our heads, if not lives.

Can you believe it, vinyl is again a sought-after commodity! The slick, wet look is shining through, in skirts, accessories and jackets.

Basic black is, well, the basis of any self-respecting girl's wardrobe. But jazz it up with vibrant leggings or spandex zentai in Pucci psychedelia.

Looking for a splash of color? Then the only alternative you should consider is red. No variations on a theme. Just pure, lustful red.

Other icons of the era to be transported to the last decade of the century are hot pants (for the uninitiated these are winter shorts) bodysuits, and of course, the shortest of short skirts.

The classic houndstooth, check and tweed prints are back but this time are exaggerated for a greater effect.

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If Marc Bolan were alive, he would not only approve, he'd probably be begging for backstage Catsuits. It all couldn't be further from the wholesome, pretty-boynext-door, po-faced pop of Gareth Gates or Westlife. Their time is over:

cash registers are ringing to the sound of rock again.

Despite only having three official single releases and one album to date, The Darkness are selling, bigtime. First single Growing On Me reached No 11 ("like having two No1s, " mused Hawkins at the time), second release I Believe In A Thing Called Love stayed at No 2 for most of last autumn, and in December, Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) narrowly missed out on the top slot. The album Permission To Land spent four weeks at No 1 and has gone quadruple platinum. Each of three tours last year was a sell-out.

And they are achieving what no British band of recent years has managed: success Stateside. Permission To Land has sold more than a quarter of a million copies in the US and their 18-date tour of America has sold out.

So where have they come from?

Justin and brother Dan grew up in the sleepy Suffolk town of Lowestoft and spent their childhood trying to learn Queen guitar riffs ("I'm white hot, " says Justin of his guitar technique, "but Dan's s*** hot"). The Darkness were born on Millennium Eve, at a karaoke competition in a pub about Spandex Zentai. Justin sang Bohemian Rhapsody, punctuating his performance with spectacular star jumps, and Dan, along with friends Frankie Poullain and Ed Graham, decided there and then to form a band and "conquer the world with rock".

NOW it looks as if they're close to doing just that.

If their Brit Awards for Best Album and Best Group reflect their success so far, their third represents the musical movement that The Darkness are spearheading.

The organisers created a whole new category this year, specifically to highlight it: Best Rock Act.

But is this just Seventies nostalgia gone mad? No. Believe it or not, it is happening. Take a look down your high street: the hair is getting bigger, the clothes tattier. Style magazines are championing retro T-shirts with Motorhead, AC/DC or Iron Maiden logos. The Osbournes are the toast of MTV and electric guitar sales are up.

It might not quite be time to dig out the hairspray and spandex just yet. . .

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She plays Emma Peel, the role made famous by Diana Rigg, and has donned the trademark leather Catsuits and belt for the £40 million film. Award-winning actor Fiennes plays pinstriped hero John Steed, opposite Sean Connery as the diabolical villain Sir August de Wynter.

Uma Thurman has gone from bat pursuit to catsuit in her latest movie role opposite British star Ralph Fiennes. Thurman, 27, who plays Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin, is filming the remake of classic Sixties TV series The Avengers in London.

De Wynter attempts to conquer the world by changing the world's weather. Filming is at Pinewood studios and several locations around London and the Home Counties.

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If your child or yourself wants to dress like your pet, has costumes such as Spiderman or Batman where the two of you can 'take on' the spookiest night of the year.

    If you have more than one pet, you could dress them alike. Even if you have a small cat or dog, such as a Chihuahua or a Pug or a large dog such as a Retriever or Labrador you will be able to dress your furry friends in the same Spider costume, such as a superhero or princess. With all the new styles and sizes your pet will feel as comfortable and 'cool' as you do.

Halloween is not only for children and adults to have a fun, but also for your pet to have a great time. hottest selling pet costumes for 2003:

 -- Top dog groom

 -- Mickey Mouse

 -- Woody

 -- Eeyore

 -- Snow White

 -- Spiderman

 -- Zorro

 -- Batman

 -- Superman

 -- Daisy Dog

 According to Diana Krohn, director of marketing, "In the past year, we've seen pet Spandex zentai   costumes' sales triple and they don't show any signs of slowing down!"

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The "Stardust" actress donned the Catsuit for "Batman Returns" (1992) and is willing to put it again for Gotham city's cape crusader, reports

"It would be really fun. That was really fun. I had a good time," she said. Pfeiffer however also admitted that the producers of the latest franchise of the superhero films may not want her because of their preference for a new actress for the role but she would in any case like to give whipping lessons to the next actress, if she is not taken.

"I think they like to get a new face for the different characters, and I understand it...You would think they'd bring her back. They better... They should...I would be there for the consult. I can give the whipping lessons.

I did my own whipping," she said. Industry reports suggest both Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz are under consideration for the role. Published by HT Syndication with permission from Indo-Asian News Service.For more information on news feed please contact Sarabjit Jagirdar at

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